A Mentor’s Experience

As a mentor my experience has been a phenomenal one.  I have been able to experience firsthand the professionalism of Ms. Owens, but more importantly, the successful impact the mentoring program has had on my direct mentee, as well as others. The bond established between mentor and mentee, as well as other family members is one of support, guidance, structure and fun.  The collaboration between Guiding Light, the parents, the mentee, and the mentor establishes objectives for the mentee and then develops a process to achieve these goals.  Working towards these goals together ensures that the best and most effective plan is designed for the mentee’s sustainable progress.

Under the leadership of the program, the mentors truly care about making a positive difference and the mentees are open to receiving tools and support that allow for them to face difficult challenges in a positive manner.  Applying the skills and knowledge learned provides the mentee the opportunity to lead a productive and fulfilling life.