Bond of Brothers

For many, a trip to the beach is such a normal part of childhood – even in Ohio. But for many ProKids children, childhood is never normal.

But when ProKids children are moved to safe, permanent, nurturing homes, they can regain their childhoods.

In moving toward a forever family, ProKids children are often placed in foster families after they are removed from their own family due to abuse and neglect. This is the story of two brothers who went to live with Pam after their birth family fell apart.

With the support of ProKids, Pam made sure the two boys began to find some joy in their childhood. There were midnight showings of “Star Wars,” trips to the zoo, music lessons, sports events, and a trip to the beach. So while Pam couldn’t share pictures of them publicly as foster kids, she had customized LEGO people created to depict their many adventures together.

And in the greatest adventure of all, Pam adopted the boys and, together, they are a forever family.

This story, told thanks to the talents of community volunteers and Cincinnati State, is a reenactment of a true case. Two boys were removed from their parents by Hamilton County Job and Family Services and were placed in foster care. As they were preparing to be adopted by their foster mom, their biological mother had another baby. He, too, needed a forever family. Thanks to ProKids advocacy, all three boys are in safe, stable, nurturing homes.