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Our mission Our mission is to engage the arts community and arts consumers in a manner that presents arts education, information, performance and other artistic experiences. Thus, increasing the public's access to the broad benefits of the arts as spectators, participants and patrons.


About us Mission Statement: To engage and energize the arts community with relevant and effective dynamic arts educational programs with intentional collaborative design. Overall Goal: Significantly build larger audiences for Cincinnati arts organizations, and grow arts patronage to create a more sustainable future arts community that relies less on public charity and more on an increasing arts 'fan base!' Current Strategy: Build the 'ignition switch' for growing current audiences, and future arts patronage. Do this by strategizing new ways to simultaneously 'reach out' to the arts community, and 'reach out' to arts consumers [both current, and potential], and collaboratively engineer 'connections' that present arts education, information, performance and other artistic experiences that are relevant and attract people.