Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary

1273 W. Ohio Pike, Amelia, OH 45102, United States
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Our mission Saving lives, one companion animal at a time. We rescue animals in imminent danger of being euthanized due to their advanced age, physical condition or behavioral issues. We then provide them with a safe haven where they can live out their lives with dignity in a loving home – whether it be adoptive, foster or at the sanctuary.

Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary

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About us We believe there is a perfect home for all Angel’s Rest animals, even if that home ends up being our own sanctuary. Due to varying health or behavioral issues, some of our sanctuary animals are overlooked for adoption and end up spending their lives with us. Angel’s Rest Animal Society will never euthanize an animal due to space, inconvenience or behavioral issues. All animals that enter our doors are guaranteed the best life possible until their health declines to such an extent that it’s considered insufferable. Angel’s Rest works with kill shelters across the country to save those animals in danger of being destroyed due to advanced age, disabilities, wounds, ill health or behavioral issues.