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Our mission The Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council aspires to leverage the arts in order to create quality of life enhancements for residents and develop a distinct community identity with a vibrant local economy. The council implements community events and public art experiences to engage the community with ongoing social activities. In addition to creating an arts community, the council intends to serve the public with improvements to neighborhood parks and improved recreational opportunities where funding allows. Fulfilling the mission, the council will provide these enhancements for the residents and visitors of Springfield Township with less reliance on government funding.


About us Sharing a philosophy that where arts flourish, communities prosper and lives are enriched, the Springfield Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution on September 26, 2012, authorizing the creation of a 501(c)3 Arts and Enrichment Council. By establishing the Arts and Enrichment Council, the community benefits with better access to the arts, expanded public events, a renewed public image, a more connected community, and increased economic interest for development in the township. The organization, now operating under the name ArtsConnect™ is a sustaining resource for arts and enrichment opportunities. ArtsConnect™ hosts approximately 30 events a year, art classes for school-age children and adults, and offers a full-time summer art camp that is accredited by the American Camp Association.