Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

1115 Bates Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225, Usa
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Our mission Cincinnati is beautiful. We’re committed to keeping it that way. KCB’s education, revitalization and environmental initiatives build community and foster pride in the places where we live, work and play. Our grassroots network of neighbors, sponsors and volunteers put passion to work across all 52 neighborhoods, creating safer, cleaner spaces and a higher quality of life for all Cincinnatians. Rise up, Queen City. Rep the crown.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

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About us We, the people of The Queen City, each have a stake in the place that we call home. East side or west, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful empowers every Cincinnatian to make their mark on the city we love. Through education, revitalization, and environmental initiatives, we turn citizens into catalysts for their communities. We help neighbors, collaborate and problem solve through a grassroots network that spans our 52 neighborhoods by putting passion to work, boots on the ground, and tools n our hands, KCB ignites a collective force for good that only continues to grow.

Messaging Platform

Conversation: 1 hour
Desired skills: Branding, Communications*, Graphic Design, Marketing, Project Management, Writing/Editing
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has as its primary 2020 strategy reaching out to the corporate community for investment in our various programs through corporate social responsibility.  We have done some due diligence around targeting companies that meet our needs (locally owned, commitment to sustainability, 300-800 employees).   We are seeking sponsorships for Great American Clean-Up, Environmental Education, and other initiatives.  We need to be able to communicate value to these corporations in terms of return on investment,

Earned Income Plan

Conversation: 1 hour
Desired skills: Business Development*, Communications, Event Management, Finance, Marketing, Project Management, Strategy Consulting, Writing/Editing
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful does not currently have a social entrepreneurship arm.  For BLINK this year, we designed a modification of the traditional corner trash can with a motion sensor and engineered so that when someone throws away a piece of trash, it lights up and makes a MIDI file musical noise.  Coca-Cola Bottling has expressed some interest in this product, but we have no organizational competency to determine the business model for this,

Organization Processes

Project: About 5 Hours
Desired skills: Business Development, Human Resources, Management, Project Management*
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has programming in Environmental Education, Environmentally Based Arts, Great American Clean Up, Graffiti and Illegal Dumping Abatement, and Greenspace management.  We are also launching a new program called Vacant Lots Occupied, which reclaims vacant spaces for neighborhood use.  We are working through  some strategies and have come to the section on "codifying our secret sauce".  We would love some consulting on thinking about our core critical processes,

Accounting and Finance

Conversation: 1 hour
Desired skills: Accounting, Finance
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful does not have a Finance Department.  We have a Bookkeeper who is one day a week and we use QuickBooks.  We have a contract Accountant who does monthly close, and our statements are audited by an independent CPA firm annually.  This works fairly well, and we have a decent understanding of our financial condition from month to month.