5030 Oaklawn Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45227, Usa
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Our mission We engage, develop, grow and empower local teens from hard places toward living a full life at their full potential. Through connecting teens to a village of relationships and resources specific to their needs, we equip them with the tools needed to move from surviving to thriving.


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About us We are a connected and intentional community. We join with other organizations, businesses and individuals to forge an unconventional and comprehensive approach toward offering real change for every one of our young people. We understand that change takes time and can only occur once the individual is ready to move. We provide our teens with an abundance of information, opportunity, and support as they take ownership over their personal growth and achievement. Our vision is to connect every teen from hard places in Greater Cincinnati with an audacious, connected and intentional community of relational resources, empowering them to discover their own self-worth and the power and value of relationships. These teens realize that their passions are legitimate, their dreams are attainable and, returning as mentors, their wisdom is priceless. Meanwhile, the generational cycle of poverty suffers a deadly blow.