Our mission is to improve the self esteem of underprivileged youth by gifting them with a pair of fresh sneakers. We also strive to INSPIRE the next generation.

Provide transitional housing for the homeless, working poor and struggling families, who are looking for a second chance in life, by remodeling vacant or distressed properties in the inner-city of Cincinnati.

Laundry Love Cincinnati assists low/no-income families and individuals meet an overlooked, basic need—the washing of clothes and bedding. Laundry fees are paid for while volunteers assist with laundry services, entertain children, and create a caring space at the laundromat. We believe that meeting this basic need is not about charity, but about compassion, which is…

Isaiah 55, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides services for the less fortunate in our community. With love, kindness and respect, we offer assistance with food, housing and other resources to achieve our ultimate goal of alleviating homelessness and hunger.

Hope’s Closet exists to enrich the lives of families that are in some way impacted by children’s services.

Be Concerned is deeply committed to honoring the dignity and humanity of all persons. Its purpose is to assist low-income people of Northern Kentucky in obtaining basic necessities for life.

Welcome to the Mary Magdalen House, an oasis of hospitality providing a safe and pleasant place for persons in need, to shower, shave, brush their teeth, use a toilet, have clothes laundered, have use of a phone, and receive messages and mail.

The goal of Greater Project is to create generational change. We connect people with opportunities to care for the orphan and vulnerable child through lasting relationships and investments that are unstained by self-interest. We’re passionate about helping people discover and accomplish their greater purpose. Currently, we’re working in India, Kenya and our local Cincinnati community.

Soup Cycle makes delicious soups guided by local chefs in our kitchen using produce from local growers and produce aggregators. By presenting free, healthy and appetizing food to people in public places, we can reach people not participating in food programs.

Peace Cafe seeks to lift up those in need with both job & life skills by providing on-the-job training & job placement by providing fresh & nutritious food in a fun environment, and finally inviting people to fellowship as the Body of Christ.

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