Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017 Volunteer of the Year!

Larry Flinner has been an amazing asset and a blessing here at WAVE. He literally gives his time, effort and energy to multiple education programs. He helps WAVE with WAVE on Wheels outreach programs, teaching Finstitute classes, educating NAQ guests at the Discovery Station, and campers with his trips from all around the world! He has recorded the work we do in our community and helped us tell our story. Larry does this with authenticity, reliability and truthfulness. He always makes us smile. He always comes in and makes a joke or has a great story to tell. He is a person you want to be around. He shows us his heart every day when he comes into help us out. Larry is the definition of “unselfish”. This trait can be hard to find this day and age and his perspective and willingness to talk with truthfulness encourages our goal of continuous improvement. Larry is an incredible educator who always makes time for us when we need him.