Program Measurement-Metrics Project

Gorman Heritage Farm

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Program Measurement-Metrics

What we need Looking for someone who has experience evaluating informal educational programs, such as museum programs or school programs. We have two surveys we use to evaluate our school field trip programs: -customer satisfaction form - We want to know how we can better assess the quality of our programs.  Do we meet the needs of teachers? -student knowledge assessment - We want to know what impact our programs have on the students who participate in our program.  Are they impacted by our mission?  Do they retain standards-based lessons?  This kind of information is used when writing grants. Conversation idea: -Review our current surveys (both satisfaction form and knowledge assessment), offer feedback for best practices on evaluation forms and procedures. Project idea: Steps may include -Review our current assessments (both kinds of surveys) -Review the two years of data we have collected so far for student assessments.  Does it tell us anything about what students are most impacted by? -Offer advice for how to translate assessment data into program improvements -Make suggestions for current evaluation forms - Are they effective?
Desired skills
Business Development, Data Analysis*, Project Management, Research, Strategy Consulting,
How long About 7-10 hours
Where Phone or Meeting Place (tbd)
Our mission The mission of Gorman Heritage Farm is to educate about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment.
Education, Environment, Life Skills